When will Blacks learn that nothing good comes from compromising our political positions?

We tolerated homosexuals, latinos, feminists, jews, whites, transgenders and even Zionists… for what?

The state of Blacks as a political force in 2016 is the exact same it was in 2006, that is to say the exact same it was in 1996, 1986, 1976, 1966…

We still have the same Uncle Toms (Obama / MLK), the same controlled opposition “organizations” (BLM / civil rights pussies) and the same delusional belief that a major victory is just around the corner.

The problem with Africans is that we are delusional.

We have deluded ourselves into believing that a mixed-raced faggot and jew-lover such as Obama could possibly become the leader of a pro-Black movement we could rally around.

It didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen because, as I said from day one, Obama is a mixed-race Zionist puppet, a homosexual apologist, a pro-immigration hawk, an Israeli warmonger and a multi-kulturalist who sees Black Identity as a political resource.

Not every Black man is so gullible, but it was our delusion that permitted the impostor Obama to “represent” us for eight years.

Let’s hear the truth.

As I’m writing this, our “lord and savior”, the anti-Black, Zionist and faggot apologist Obama has 7 days left in office.

In 7 days he will be replaced by the anti-Black, Zionist and faggot apologist Donald Trump.

What has changed?

Let me spell it out for y’all.

Once you let jews and other non-Blacks into your movements, you lose.

It’s as simple as that.

We Blacks don’t learn from our history, and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Look at the civil rights movements, the different Black Panther parties (they should just call themselves White Panthers at this point) and, most laughable of all, the “Jewish Lives Matter” movement… I mean “Black Lives Matter”.

EVERY SINGLE TIME jews have infiltrated a pro-Black movement it becomes controlled opposition.

We don’t learn from our history.

Here are the steps, here is the method for turning Black Nationalism into a kosher joke.

  • The movement starts out pro-Black.
  • Jews want to join, claim they are “our friends”.
  • Stupid (or naive?) Blacks allow them to join.
  • The movement ceases to be explicitly pro-Black and becomes pro-colored.
  • The movement ceases to be pro-colored and becomes about “fighting racism”.
  • The movement ceases to be about “fighting racism” and becomes about “fighting racism, antisemitism and homophobia”.
  • Blacks are disgusted with the movement and turn away from it.
  • The movement becomes another mouthpiece for jews, homosexuals, “minorities” and other deviants.

The solution is simply.

We need a strict, unapologetic, 100% pro-Black political movement.

But as long as Blacks are too busy watching BET (run by jews, not Blacks), listening to their fake gangster rappers (produced by jews, not Blacks), paying to see the latest Hollywood propaganda (written by jews, not Blacks) and voting for their jewish candidates in the kosher joke known as democracy, nothing will change.