Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is well known for its Hasidim community.

Hasidim are ultra-orthodox jews who routinely harass their neighbors, Black and Brown mostly, with their ethno-religious cult.

The media is very quick to silence any criticism of jews at “anti-semitism” and the police will prosecute anyone who questions this double standard for “hate crime“.

But a few cops still dare speak the truth.

They are the minority of honest police officers.

In Mark Bayer’s book “Cops: Their Lives in Their Own Words“, an ex-cop admits the truth.

All these really holy roller Hassids stop on Allen Street prior to going over the Williamsburg Bridge to get the nightly blowjob.

It’s the funniest sight you ever want to see. They do it in their cars. The streetlight casts a shadow and all you see is this set of side curls coming down from this funny felt hat and they’ve got this stupid grin on their faces. They’re bouncing in the seat of the car because she’s down there on the tube. It’s like a twenty-buck toll. They get their pipes cleaned and they go across the bridge.

Now what are you going to do with that? Are you going to bust them? Are you crazy? It is one of the areas that is very heavily patrolled by the police, not because of prostitution, but to protect the johns. Make sure the Hassidim [sic] gets his blowjob and gets across the bridge. What am I, some kind of private guard?

Think about what this means very carefully.

Prostitution was illegal in New York when this book was written.

You have the clear admission that the police is engaged in covering illegal activity for their jewish owners.

What am I, some kind of private guard?

That’s exactly what the police is, a private guard for the jews.

At the same time, Black Kids are killed by the police for drugs or because they stole cigars (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rodney King).

Where is Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

They are silent, because they are owned by jews…. just like the police.

You know who the target is.

You know the solution… a Black Run America.