Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Blacks Need Not Apply.
Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Blacks Need Not Apply.

WTF is this?

“Innocent until proven guilty” my dick.

For more than 50 years the jewish media has always, invariably, depicted the Black male as a sexual predator.

They claimed Malcolm X was a rapist (no proof), they claimed Marcus Garvey was a rapist (no proof), they even claimed Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Michael Jordan and even the race-mixer Tiger Woods were involved in sexual assault.

They even accused the Uncle Toms Herman Cain and Ben Carson of being sexual predators (no proof on either accounts).

And how can we forget the OJ Simpson affair, where his alleged “rape personality” was made the centerpiece of the trial by the accusation?

And, of course, the remarks made by Hillary Clinton about none other than House Negro in Chief Barack Obama during the 2008 primaries that she “didn’t feel comfortable” around him?

And in almost every movie and TV show you will always find the (completely fictional) Black rapist character… Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS you name it.

The media claims: all Black men are rapists.

No exceptions.

No “innocent until proven guilty” for the Black male.

But every media outlet will turn on a dime once the defendant is no longer a Black man but a Hollywood jew (Harvey Weinstein).

Now, we are told we must “respect the presumption of innocence” even as Weinstein flees the country to his homeland of Occupied Palestine.

Get it?

  • Black man accused of rape: “African-Americans must address the rape culture and toxic masculinity within their community“.
  • jew accused of rape: “We must not let this incident lead to an anti-semitic witch hunt“.
Black Politics.
Black Politics.

Just look at how many House Negroes are defending Weinstein in ways they have never defended members of their own community.

This is exactly what happened when the jew (again) Dominique Strauss-Kahn raped Natafissatou Diallo, an African woman, and walked away. “Not guilty” said the jewish media.

How many Black men are killed each year by lethal injection for false rape allegations?

When judging a Black man, the process is “sentence first, investigate second”.

But the same rules don’t apply to jews.

That would be “anti-semitic”.

Know your enemy.