If this isn’t one of the best illustrations of jewish privilege, I don’t know what is.

A pro-Israel / anti-Trump rally degenerated in Minnesota when “protesters” started threatening and attacking police officers when told to leave private property.

One officer was injured in the confrontation.

How many arrests? Zero.

Cases like this are why I’m done with white people who lecture us Blacks about our “culture” or about how we need to “just listen to police officer” and “stop breaking the law”.

FUCK people who say that when shit like this happens.

Jews and whites can literally insult and threaten law enforcement and not even get convicted of a fucking crime, but if a Black person takes their wallet out, he “should have been more careful” and deserves to get shot.

When Black people protest, the media calls it a “riot”.

When jews / zionists / white liberals attack the police, the media calls it a “peaceful protest”.

Fuck this prejudiced society.