Do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson even consider themselves Black anymore?

Just listen to anyone of their speeches… Hitler this, Nazis that, we must “stand with israel”…

Do they ever talk about Blacks?

Not just the intentionally vague “people of color”, but actual people of African descent?

These new Uncle Toms will defend everyone and everything: jews, israel, homos, mexicans, transgenders, women… except Blacks.

They use OUR suffering (slavery, discrimination, Black codes) to promote other “minorities” at the expense of Blacks.

Homos defend homo rights, women defend women rights, asian defend asian rights.

But Blacks defend… “our multicultural values”.

MLK, a zionist jew.
MLK, a zionist jew.

The first House Negro was of course the militant zionist jew Martin Luther King.

Contrary to what the official US history would like to claim, Martin Luther King was not pivotal in the Civil Rights movement.

He came in very late (1964) when segregation laws were almost abolished.

Martin Luther King was, however, instrumental in destroying Black racial identity in America.

In the late 1950s to early 1960s, Black political movements were at the height of their power.

The CIA, FBI and zionist jews didn’t like that so they sent their House Negro MLK to neutralize Black Pride.

How did he do so?

The first MLK speeches weren’t about Black rights, they were about the Vietnam war, bigotry and “anti-semitism”.

This transformed the Black Civil Rights struggle from an explicitly pro-Black movement to a movement for “people of color”.

Later, he abandoned even that and spent the last months of his life as a zionist propagandist calling for the murder of Palestinian children.

It’s important to note that while other Black Civil Rights leaders were routinely arrested, imprisoned, beaten and even tortured, Martin Luther King never had any government agency go after him the way they did with Malcom X… and the way they still do with Louis Farrakhan.

Martin Luther King was israel’s number 1 House Negro.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of Uncle Toms in America are no different.