White "anti-racism" is just an act...
White “anti-racism” is just an act…

Let’s start calling them by their proper name, so-called “white liberals” are negrophobic economic terrorist.

The white liberal is a parasite, he never stays among his own in Portland, Vermont or Manhattan.

Instead, he purposefully seeks out minorities and Black people in particular to impose his presence among them.

And when these white liberals invade historically Black neighborhoods, what do they do?

That’s right, they gentrify Black neighborhoods by driving up rent prices.

The new KKK.
The new KKK.

White liberals claim to be on the side of poor people and ethnic minorities.

Both statements are evidently false and it’s very easy to demonstrate why.

They claim to be pro-poor… but they use the most stereotypical bourgeois weapon, rent price gouging.

They claim to be pro-minority… but they drive minorities out of the neighborhoods they grew up in, in order to make room for their all white “hipster” cafes.

White liberals are even worse than racist KKK conservative rednecks, at least rednecks stay in their trailer parks and don’t invade Black neighborhoods.

White liberals are economic terrorists waging a war against Black families.

Don’t accept gentrification by racist white liberals.

They are an enemy of the Black collective.