The 2016 election marked the end of the domination of Uncle Toms and other house negroes over the Black community.

Blacks were given a choice between a Zionist shill (Hillarisrael) and a white supremacist (Donald Trump).

Naturally, Black people followed the only rational choice… abstention.

The 2016 election saw record low participation rates among Black voters… we were, rightfully, boycotting an election in which we had no interest in either party.

And we will do it again and again until we Blacks obtain the political and societal power we deserve.

Fuck republicans, fuck democrats and most of all fuck he Zionist house negroes who want us to participate in their game of democracy.

We will not be silenced, we will not be replaced and we will not vote for Jews and other non-Black candidates ever again.

Jews, Zionists and homosexuals must step down from leadership positions in the Democratic party.

We don’t need any more Zionist shills like John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bernie “Sanders” Gutman, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

We need real Black soldiers like Malcolm X, Dieudonné, Muhammad Ali, Marcus Garvey and Louis Farrakhan.

We will only vote for Black candidates.

It’s time for a Black Run America.